One place to track all of your accounts

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Manage all of your checking, savings, credit cards accounts along with student, automobile loan accounts in one place. The account list gives a comprehensive view of all of your account balances and total calculated as income total deducting credit card balances. You can click on any of the accounts to view the transactions.

View all transactions by account and search by various time periods

View all transactions by each account. You can view transactions for various durations (such as current week/month/year) with a simple selection, or you can make a date range selection to search transactions. You sort transactions by date, amount, payee or description.

Upload Transactions in QIF, QFX standard formats

Simply download transactions from your bank website and upload them to SpendingViewer. This application assigns categories if you have already setup categories for those payees. You only have to assign category only once and keep uploading transactions.

Entering transactions manually

You can also enter transactions manually. You can create new category and subcategy in this screen, and also new payee. This makes it easy to edit uploaded transactions.

Set up your monthly budget

Setting up a budget for the month or year is easy. You setup a budget amount for each category such as ( Food->Dining Out) and track every week or month if you are under budget or over, and make decisions on how to stay under budget. Budget report lets track the expenditures for certain time period.

View your spending compared to budget - for various time periods

There are various reports you can view to track your expenditures. Budget report displays by category if you are under or over budget for that week or month based on your selection. It makes it visually easier to see by marking under budget categories in green, and over budget as red. It also shows summary of budget information.

Lot of reports to help you save more

There are many reports you can view. Report by categories/ over months / over years, Report by payees / over months / over years, By Transactions, By Budget. You can view any of these reports for years by simply selecting a pre-defined time period ( such as last year, 2 years, 3 years ), or you can customize the date range and view for 10 years. It makes it easier to view your spending if you want to view how much you spent / earned 10 years ago.

View Report By Category

Category report shows each category, how much you are spending over a time period. You can easily view how much you are spending on gasoline or how much you spent so far on car payments.

View Report By Category Over Months

This allows you to view how your spending is over months on certain category ( as Automobile -> Gasoline ), by listing each month as column side by side as shown in the picture. You can view which months you spent more or which months you spent less. And this can be viewed for many years.

Monthly Report

Each month, if you want to see what is your net savings for that month, you can view this report as shown in the picture.

Payee Reports

This report shows how many times you visit a certain restaurant or store, and how much money you spent at that location.

Manage Payees

You can manage payees ( add / edit / remove ). You can pre-assign a category to a payee on this screen.

Manage Banks

You can manage Banks ( add / edit ) on this screen.