Spending Viewer New Features
Date: 03/26/2012
Spending Viewer now includes following new features. Some of these features are included for free, some of them are for full version.

1. Upload CSV Files
Ability to upload transactions downloaded from other expense tracker applications. You can upload CSV files that have following headers in the file. This feature is available with free version.
a. Date, Description, Original Description, Amount, Transaction Type, Category, Account Name, Labels, Notes
b. Type, Transaction Date, Posted Date, Description, Amount

2. Backup and Restore your data
Backup and Restore is the most important feature of spending viewer. As you track your expenses over the months and years, its imperative to backup your data external to your computer. Spending viewer makes it easy to backup your data to a file so that you can keep it safe outside of your computer. It also gives you ability to restore the data incase if have made any changes that you do not want to keep. This feature is available with Full version of the product.

3. Remove Unused Banks
Spending Viewer comes with lot of Banks ready to be used. If you use only couple of them, or you want to maintain your own list of banks, you can use this feature to remove all unused banks from list. With a button click, you can remove all banks that do not have any Accounts associated with it. This feature is available with free version of the product.

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