What is it for?

  • Personal finance software to track expenses, budget
  • One place to track all of your accounts
  • Upload your transactions or manually enter them
  • Automatically assigns categories based on settings
  • Setup monthly budget and compare your spending
  • View monthly, yearly reports on spending
  • View spending by category over months or years
  • Manage categories, payees and banks

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Why this product?

  • You do not have to share your bank website user name and password.
  • It is FREE for upto 2 accounts, and it costs just $6 for full version, lot less compared to other similar products.
  • You can track years of expenditure/income in a single view with one click.
  • If you do not track your expenses currently or using spreadsheet, this application will make it easier to track.
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Free version allows upto 2 accounts. The application requires .Net Framework 3.5. If you dont have it installed, it will install.

It is simple

  • 1. Add an account
  • 2. Download transactions from your bank website and upload them to SpendingViewer
  • 3. Assign category ( eg. Automobile->Gasoline ) only first time. Next time, SpendingViewer reuses same category for such transactions.


( 5.30 mins )